To the Editor:

As legislative leaders and the governor negotiate a final budget deal this year, I hope they won’t sacrifice cost-effective home care services that help seniors age in place.

I am concerned that budget cuts now under discussion, including cuts to the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders and community services, will undermine my wishes and those of others wishing to stay in their community.

As a native of Connecticut, a resident of Bridgewater for over 40 years, and after raising my children in this community along with my local involvement, I want to live at home for as long as possible.

Yet I realize that as I age I might need help around the house to remain independent.

My home is my choice.

The vast majority of older adults want to live independently, at home, as they age — most with the help of unpaid family caregivers.

Unfortunately, Connecticut lawmakers are considering deep budget cuts that would jeopardize seniors’ preference to live independently at home. That’s because the services that seniors and care-giving families rely on are under attack.

Seniors have paid into the system and helped build the communities they love.

Please reject service cuts that help seniors live safe at home and out of expensive nursing homes.

My hope is that our state legislators and our governor will not make cuts to Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders and community services.

Kathy L. Null