Washington first responders have been recognized as this year’s recipient of the Major Stephen Reich Award for Exceptional Citizenship.

Michael Condon, committee chairman for the Reich Award, shared remarks about this year’s recipient in the town’s virtual Memorial Day ceremony.

Washington first responders are the recipients of this year’s award.

Historically, the award has been given to individuals.

“Just like everything else this year, our award has taken on a different form,” Condon said in his speech. “In addition to receiving innumerable worthy nominations for Washingtonians over the years, we have also received several nominations for organizations.”

“These trying times have forced us all to come together to fight this ruthless, unseen enemy,” Condon stated. “At all levels of our government and society, we have come together to support each other in the face of this relentless attack.”

“No group of people symbolizes this courage and strength better than first responders across the nation,” he said.

Condon went on to praise all first responders for “their effort and commitment to our community.”

“All our first responders have continued their incredible work during this pandemic, without a moment’s hesitation, knowing each call they go on could mean possible infection,” he said.

“It is this kind of dedication to service that Steve Reich was known for, as a friend, a teammate and as an officer,” he stated. “Major Reich showed the exact same courage and selflessness as he jumped on his helicopter, without a moment’s hesitation, to help his fellow soldiers who were in danger in Afghanistan on that fateful day 15 years ago.”

“Being a leader in the special forces, I have always thought of Steve as a first responder for the military,” Condon said. “It is truly fitting we honor our first responders with Steve’s award.”

The award recognized the town’s first responders and their families.

On hand to accept the award were Fire Chief Darryl Wright, First Assistant Chief Craig Wilbur, Ambulance Chief Adam Woodruff, Assistant Ambulance Chief Heidi Johnson, Resident State Trooper Matt Costella and Washington Officer Pat Kessler.

The link to the presentation is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbb0HRuHwLM&feature=youtu.be