The towns that make up Region 12 -- Bridgewater, Roxbury and Washington -- can't agree on what to do about their elementary schools. So insisting on only one solution is no solution at all.

At present, each town has its own elementary school, but each school is in need of expansion and upgrading.

Washington voters have supported the construction of one consolidated elementary school, initially in their town and now on land in Roxbury. Bridgewater and Roxbury have supported maintaining local schools.

This is a regional school district, yet Washington officials have been particularly unwilling to consider the opinions of the other towns.

Tensions on the Region 12 school board are so strong that Bridgewater representatives are regularly attacked and even excluded from discussions. Why? Because their town is especially fearful of losing its local school.

Schools are the center of every community. No wonder Bridgewater and Roxbury are working to maintain their schools.

Moving forward with a June referendum on a consolidated school is wrong. The board has not given alternative plans any consideration.

This is not the way a regional school district should function. What's really needed in Region 12 is a timeout, not a referendum.