Reggae Bones to perform at Temple Sholom

Temple Sholom in New Milford will present a social and music with the local band Reggae Bones Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

The band plays a combination of original songs and the music of Bob Marley.

“We wanted an event to bring the community together,” said Rabbi Ari Rosenberg, “This music touches everyone with its spirit.”

Rabbi Rosenberg first heard Reggae Bones when they volunteered to perform at the recent interfaith Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. service held at Temple Sholom.

Keyboard player Americo Carrasco and his family are members of the synagogue, so he asked band members Rich Treadwell, Mark Minnock and Michael Genovese if they’d join him to honor King.

They agreed, and the band performed two of Marley’s songs as part of the Jan. 15 ceremony.

The interfaith service and the reggae social reflect a part of Rabbi Rosenberg’s larger mission: to build a sense of community.

“Bringing people together builds stronger relationships,” he said. “So if there is a crisis in the community, like at Thompson’s at the end of the summer, when offensive words and symbols were sprayed onto the restaurant, or a personal crisis, we can support each other,” he said.

“We can also celebrate the good times,” he said.

Rabbi Rosenberg has been making efforts to raise the profile of Temple Sholom, with monthly social events.

“Sometimes we focus on social issues, like our upcoming talk from Nadine Strossen, the former president of the ACLU, who will be speaking on April 7,” he said. “Other events are purely for fun, like our trip to the Litchfield Distillery in December, or the reggae social.”

Temple Sholom is located at 122 Kent Road (Route 7 North)..

The public is invited to attend.