To the Editor:

For eight years, I have been the Republican representative for Bridgewater's Board of Selectmen, and it has been interesting, to say the least.

I have observed first, a probe by the state's attorney general regarding questionable use of the Burnham Fund by the first selectman; second, an FBI raid on Town Hall records (the records remain under FBI control to this date); and third, lawsuit after lawsuit from various individuals, each representing a huge expense for the town.

Four years ago, we elected a new selectman on the Democratic ticket, and I expected Curtis Read to have an independent vote on the board.

Instead, Mr. Read has consistently voted as William Stuart did.

The most recent controversial proposal presented to the Board of Selectmen was to give land behind the Senior Center to the Bridgewater Land Trust, or to put a conservation easement on that property.

Taxpayers voted years ago to buy the property for the future use of its residents. At the time of purchase, it was suggested as a possible future location for senior housing.

I must wonder why Mr. Stuart and Mr. Read would consider depriving Bridgewater citizens of the right to make future decisions regarding that property.

Mr. Stuart suggests deeding the property to the Bridgewater Land Trust would relieve us from the liability of ownership.

Well, it would also relieve us of our rights as citizens to use that land to meet Bridgewater's future needs.

If the town should need a location for senior housing someday, we will have squandered rights to property already purchased with that potential purpose in mind.

I would like to thank Bridgewater's residents for the opportunity you have given me to serve the town as selectman.

Ed Bennett