The New Milford Public Works Department reminds residents that single-stream recycling is now available.

Single-stream recycling, also known as fully co-mingled, refers to a collection system that mixes recyclable paper fibers and containers together in a bin at a curb and in the collection truck.

In single stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle the co-mingled mixture of recyclables.

The following items may now be placed into one bag and placed into one container: paper milk, juice and egg cartons; cereal and cracker boxes; steel, tin and aluminum cans; phone books and paperback books; cardboard and paper bags; newspapers; inserts and junk mail; office paper, folders, greeting cards and school paper; glass bottles and jars; plastics with the numbers 1 through 7, including jugs, bottles, jars and tubs; shredded paper; flower pots; plastic caps and lids; aluminum foil and pie/baking sheets; hardcover books; small metals, pots and pans; plastic toys; metal and plastic hangars; and buckets and crates.

In addition, e-cycling is free for televisions, printers, fax machines, cell phones, digital cameras, computers, VCRs and video games.

For more information, visit the Young's Field Road facility or visit Works/Recycling.