To the Editor:

Joe Whitney had a hobby of restoring antique classic cars. In his collection were cars from the early 1900's, including a Stutz, Stanley, Reo and a White, to name a few.

Although somewhat hampered by childhood polio, he thoroughly rebuilt each vehicle, machining parts he could not find.

When he was finished with each one, his wife would create clothing of the same vintage as the car and together they would drive from their home in Tucson, Ariz., to the Grand Canyon for a "road test."

The last time I saw Joe he had just finished restoring a 1913 Interstate.

I asked if they were driving to the Grand Canyon and he told me they were going to Victoria, British Columbia.

He then asked if I thought he would have any trouble.

I immediately replied, "No. I know how thorough you are... and I've never seen a recall on a 1913 Interstate."

These vehicles certainly have an intrinsic value, but I also think they have a greater value in the joys they have brought their owners.

Perhaps a honeymoon trip, a drive home from the hospital with a newborn baby, a vacation with the family, or carrying a dignitary in a parade. The value is in what it has been able to do for others.

As I get older (I'm a 1933 model), I become aware of the value in giving rather than getting.

When we offer someone a kind word, a smile, a pat on the back or a hug, we are giving of ourselves and enriching them.

That's what Jesus did. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dan Morton

Oratory of the Little Way