Reception to open 'Magnificent Birds' show

Sherman Library will open an exhibit, “Magnificent Birds,” with a reception Feb. 21 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

The show, which will feature photographs by Jeff Ginsburg and Lu Li, will include an artist talk March 14 at 1 p.m.

The show will run through April 1.

Growing up in very different worlds, Ginsburg and Li both share a love of travel, nature and photography.

As a little girl, Li began her fascination with cameras, rare commodities in China.

Nevertheless, after years of saving, she succeeded and was able to travel and photograph the exotic lands of China during college breaks.

Li earned a bachelor’s degree in radar engineering from China’s top engineering college and then became the first female to lead a major development team at the Chinese Navy’s Research Institute.

Li earned a master’s degree in Computer Science at CUNY and implemented next generation cell phone systems.

“I think the camera often produces images more compelling than the actual subject,” Li said. “I love spending hours quietly watching and recording my wild ducks and birds.”

“In fact, I feel I’m one of them through my adoration and feelings of strong connection,” she said. “I think my photos capture their indescribable beauty.”

Ginsburg grew up in Danbury and has been creatively “improving” photographs since building a basement darkroom when he was 11 years old.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering at Duke University and while there worked for four years as the photographer for their daily paper, developing all his prints in their darkrooms and completing a rigorous photography course.

He then received a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Washington University St. Louis and then worked in Boston as a biomedical engineer in research and development.

Later, he moved to Manhattan to create a reporting system at Morgan Stanley.

“I believe every photo must have an emotional impact,” said Ginsburg when asked what his guiding principle has been throughout his years of photography.

Now retired, they live in the woods on Squantz Pond and enjoy traveling to many countries and national parks.

Li enjoys photographing, learning French and playing the cello.

Li has just returned from the National Tennis Championships (amateurs over 40), beating her singles opponents with almost perfect scores.

Ginsburg enjoys photographing, sailing, playing tennis, and creative writing.

One of his prints was displayed at Duke’s Nasher Art Museum.

His photo, “Food Under Foot,” won first prize at Great Hollow Juried Art Show 2018.

For more information about the show, call the Sherman Center library at 860-354-2455.