Reception to open Abbott-Tillou show

Gunn Memorial Library Stairwell Gallery will open its next exhibit, “Moving Parts,” with a reception Feb. 1 from noon to 2 p. m.

The show, which will run through March 14, will feature works by Jen Abbott-Tillou.

Abbott-Tillou has been creating multimedia sculpture and mobiles for three decades.

Following a career in physical therapy, fitness and yoga as a primary focus for a stretch, she now dedicates her time in her art studio/Gallery in Torrington.

Using industrial material, copper, driftwood, ostrich eggs, colorful Lucite and various found objects, she creates simple work with complex meaning.

“Much of the work that I create is somewhat autobiographical,” the artist said. “Each piece, even the very first sculpture I made in 1990 - a simple copper fish sunk into a cedar trunk - reflects an experience, both painful and beautiful, from my life.”

“Conflict and the juxtaposition of beauty and pain is prominent in my work,” she explained. “Combining something clean and modern with something corroded and rusty; something functional with something fanciful, is a statement on what it means to live this life.”

Abbott-Tillou shows her work by appointment in her gallery, Gallery7Studio, across from the Warner Theater at 79 Main St., Torrington.

Her work can also be found at The Hen’s Nest in Washington Depot, as well as in private collections across New England.

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