Reception on tap for Kent art show

Kent Memorial Library is presenting an exhibit, “Transitions,” featuring works by South Kent artist Allison May Gennings, through Dec. 30.

An outdoor opening reception will be held Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Chess court. A rain date of Nov. 14 is set. Registration is required by calling 860-927-3761.

Gennings grew up in Novia Scotia, Canada, where her parents and one sister still reside. She went to Acadia University in Wolfville, Novia Scotia, and received a Bachelor of Recreation Management degree in 1999 with a focus in outdoor experiential education.

She is also a certified massage therapist and a Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner.

“I work with time and space and a stream of consciousness, where one mark and color in relation to the whole, determines the next move,” the artist said. “The journey is the goal; as one piece finishes, another begins.”

“My work is influenced by time with the rescue horses at Lucky Orphans, a self-exploration of recovery and yoga, the discoveries of being a woman and a mom, and the energies present in our continually changing social culture and the unprecedented challenges we face individually and collectively,” Genning related. “Working with color, the process is about connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting.”

She said her influences are the “outdoors, energy and colors, herbs and flowers, horses, the ocean, human relationships, being a mom, yoga, and working with the mind and heart.”

Gennings resides with her 5-year-old, Jack, and 6-year-old, Maya, her husband, Todd, who teaches senior history and coaches hockey, and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Beni.

She is the executive assistant at Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue in Dover Plains, N.Y, as well as part of the equine therapy team.