To the Editor:

As I walked into New Milford Hospital recently for a non-stress test at the Family Birthing Center, a little piece of me fell apart.

Saddened by the earlier news of the morning the ward would be closing this coming December, I could only think of all the families who would never have the opportunity that mine has had over the past three years.

We delivered a beautiful baby girl two years ago at the center and will soon be delivering two more there.

The careful monitoring and advice the doctors and nurses have given and shared with us is unmeasurable.

We are so grateful to have had the birthing center available to us.

With a heavy heart and an unknown reason other than a bottom dollar I am so sorry to see it go.

Working in New Milford and having the birthing center so close has always given me peace of mind.

Not only is it a huge loss to the community of New Milford but for the smaller surrounding communities as well.

With Danbury being 45 minutes from my house, I am doubtful to ever use those facilities.

The New Milford Hospital birthing center employees have become part of our family in so many ways. It is such a shame other families in the area will be losing out on such a wonderful experience.

We are just so grateful to have had them for the time we did and would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to the community.

Carolyn Hyde

New Preston