To the Editor:

Thank you, Mayor David Gronbach, for keeping tax increases the lowest in decades.

During your first two years in office, the average increase was less than 1 percent.

That’s quite an achievement, and my wallet thanks you, too.

By cutting waste in town government, you’ve saved taxpayers a lot of money.

And you “walked the walk” by cutting expenses in your own office.

The previous mayor had three people on her staff, but you realized that was wasteful and cut it back to two staff members.

During the previous 12 years, your opponent voted for tax increases that on average were nearly three times as high as the last two years.

Pete Bass voted for average increases of 2.71 percent, but he did not vote for either of Mayor Gronbach’s budgets, which averaged 0.94 percent.

Since Bass claims to be for lower taxes, why didn’t he vote for such low taxes? It appears he “talks the talk,” but it ends there.

Consider how many budget referendums, and additional cuts were made to budgets over the previous 12 years.

It is likely Pete Bass initially approved budgets that averaged over 3 percent. Again, “talking the talk” doesn’t mean much if he didn’t vote for Mayor Gronbach’s truly low tax increases.

You can count on my support, and the support of people who really believe in fiscal responsibility.

What a difference two years has made. Re-elect Mayor Gronbach to keep New Milford moving forward.

Adrienne Aurichio

New Milford