To the Editor:

As a taxpayer and native of New Milford, I feel the hastily installed speed bumps, a.k.a. "raised crosswalks," have provided me with many more questions than answers regarding our Green.

Who planned this?

When we made changes previously to the downtown area, we paid for consultants -- who was consulted this time?

How much exactly did this cost us?

I have read it was a grant but the grant money did not seem to cover the full cost. What is the purpose of the speed bumps?

In one article I read they were to slow people riding through the downtown area so they could see what we had to offer.

In another article, they were to make the Green area more handicapped accessible.

Was anyone consulted who uses the Green area with canes and wheelchairs?

If they had consulted someone, the "planner" would have realized the cobblestone sidewalks are already a problem to navigate and surely raised crosswalks, especially at that height, would just be an additional obstacle.

If they truly are for handicap access, then why are they only on one side of the Green?

I would have thought the town hall, library and churches on the east side of the Green would have been important enough to have the same access.

The same handicapped access is also not available to those who want to view our bandstand area, which is the main area of all social events held on the Green.

In addition, what is with the crazy sidewalk to nowhere that was made by cutting off the northern tip of the Green?

If we keep cutting away at our Green then soon there will be more cement than grass. We have lost much of what made the Green so beautiful -- there is a reason it is called a Green.

What is going to be done with all the signs warning drivers of the speed bumps?

The Green is already marred enough with ugly signs and now we have added more to the ugliness. Warning signs are needed, as I have found out -- there have been injuries.

At the posted speed of 20, most cars are unable to go over the bumps without harm.

The 8-mile running race in July might also be jeopardy for injuries.

Just take a look at all the indents in the road and think about the future potential for damages. Who will be footing the bill for all this damage?

Also, we as taxpayers are already paying for police to monitor speeders. The speed bumps are a way of saying the police are not doing their job, which is insulting to the police, to say the least.

So which are these eyesores? Are they raised sidewalks poorly planned and executed or are they speed bumps used in place of our dedicated police department?

If they are speed bumps, then why are they not needed on the east side of the Green where most people drive a bit faster because they are cutting through town and, in addition, many more people cross on that side to use the town hall and library?

If they are raised crosswalks then who was used as the consultant for the handicapped and why are they only able to access one side of our Green?

So far the only letter I have seen supporting this eyesore was written from the viewpoint of a dog. I am glad the dog is no longer scared to go downtown but, last I knew, dogs do not pay taxes or drive.

Lastly, I want everyone to take note of the cement coffins installed at each "raised crosswalk" -- let them be a constant reminder our Green is dying.

Wendy Wassong

New Milford