To the Editor:

Chaos and confusion continues to reign in the Bass Administration and the Republican-controlled Town Council.

Lack of leadership was on full display at the Nov. 26 Town Council meeting.

For months, the Pettibone Community Center Committee (which was formed by Mayor Pete Bass) has been conducting research on community centers, and a survey was conducted through Parks & Recreation to gauge interest of the townspeople in a community center. Respondents answered numerous questions posed by some members of the Town Council.

The Town Council asked for another survey because the council did not trust the survey that Parks & Recreation had conducted. The Bass Administration has now reneged on that request.

Council members Francis, Nahom, Szymanksi and Esposito opposed the money for the survey. Mayor Bass should have been the tiebreaker.

He instead chose to table the motion without regard to Roberts Rules of Order and thus continue the charade of supporting/not supporting the Pettibone Community Center that is up and running and could be generating more income for the town if the Republican leadership was not bent on preventing that from happening.

Ask them why. To date, not one of these council members or Mayor Bass has spoken of what they would do with this property if it were sold and/or demolished. Not a single one of them will go on the record with their ideas or lack thereof.

Last month the Town Council irresponsibly approved a $20,000 grant for yet another study of the East Street building. The building has already been studied twice in the past few years.It has already been determined that East Street building is not a viable option or a financially responsible choice for the town to continue maintaining this building.

The only current occupant of the building is the school board. The building is non-ADA compliant with a cracked foundation and full roof replacement needed.

What has happened to the offer by Dakota Partners to buy this building, renovate, and create apartments thus bringing in needed tax revenue? Approving and spending money on yet another study for East Street is a misuse of state and local funds.

It appears that Mayor Bass and the Town Council cannot get to first base with making important decisions effecting the management of the town.

It is time for leadership.

Mary Jane Lundgren


New Milford Democratic Town Committee