To the Editor:

In regard to the "complaint" lodged against Mr. Greg Cava, be advised I was at the Roxbury Town Hall on the election day at the same time as Mr. Cava.

He was in the parking lot when I drove in to vote, and he was talking to a mutual friend who was in her car.

I voted; and saw that Mr. Cava, too, came in to vote.

He spent no more than two minutes in the voting area and left, pretty much at the same time as I did.

That was that.

The complaint lodged against Mr. Cava is totally nonsense.

The amount of time Mr. Cava spent in or out of the voting area would not, or could not, affect the outcome of the election.

Why Mrs. Sharon Benedict complained is totally beyond me. Why the question was even thought of by her is way beyond me.

What is her purpose? Mr. Cava won, fair and square. What does she have against Mr. Cava? And what is to gain by her behavior?

Jim Harvi