To The Editor:

The Spectrum’s May 3 coverage of the merger of Western Connecticut Health with Health Quest, forming Nuvance Health, could have used a bit of good old-fashioned muckraking journalism.

The article speaks to the fantastic patient care this merger will bring to our area. It’s all good, right? A new medical school, new doctors, and endless and superb delivery of health care.

Except that it left out a discussion about Health Quest’s fraudulent billing of Medicaid and Medicare and the three whistle-blower suits that were settled, and the company’s admission of violating the New York State and federal False Claims Acts, and the millions the company had to pay, and some doctors who got into hot water.

Not to say that Dr. John Murphy or Mr. Robert Friedberg personally violated any laws. But with every merger like this, when so many of these are really about profit over patients, just take a breath before you jump for joy. You might get hurt.

Stephen P. Herman, M.D.

New Milford