To the Editor:

It sure doesn't take much to impress the good foot doctor and former New Milford mayoral candidate, Larry Stillman.

After all, one can get a good sense of his understanding of municipal finance if you remember some of the ideas he floated during his inauspicious mayoral campaign.

One of my favorites was his plan to divvy up the town's undesignated fund and share it with every taxpayer in town.

So when candidate Jeff Winter threw around a few, long sentences, Larry was reeled in even though I believe those sentences and words were patently misleading and fact-challenged.

Attacking The Spectrum (June 10, 2011) for failing to give Jeff an opportunity to rebut comments made by Tom Pilla in a recent story, Larry wrote, "I hope election press coverage will be held to high levels of fairness, but I'm not naive to the potential abuse of the public trust."

There was more, but I must preface the following with the disclosure that Tommy Pilla and I are friends.

Here's what I find to be funny. In text language, I was LOL.

Larry wrote, "I believe that Mr. Winter knows the town's budget better than anyone I know -- including Mr. Pilla."

Oh, boy.

I don't know whether this is more telling about Larry than it is about Jeff but it is an extraordinary claim.

Agree with Tommy's philosophies or not, there is not a single person with whom I have ever spoken who isn't clear on one point I know to be absolutely true: Tommy has a sharper mind for finance than anyone around.

Of course, Tommy's name isn't on the ballot so Larry making a big to-do about him is pointless.

Jay Lewin

New Milford