New Milford resident Dan Pullen has announced the publication of his first book, “Short Stories About A Nerd in Love.”

The book chronicles the author’s triumphs and failures from his first interactions with the fairer sex all the way to meeting the girl who would go on to be his wife, and features humor, wit and whimsy.

“This project started as something I was calling ‘When My Parents Weren’t There,’” the author said.

“I was thinking about how different things will be for my kids, how technology allows us to track their every move,” Pullen said. “They won’t be able to get away with all the crazy stuff I was able to get away with.”

Pullen said after writing a few stories, he ran out of material. But he quickly realized everything he’d written had involved a girl.

“And there’s always plenty of material when they’re involved, so I changed the focus and the stories almost wrote themselves from there,” he said.

Though the book is a collection of short stories, there is an overall arc that shows the growth of a young man trying to find himself to that of a somewhat wiser, more confident man who has learned from his experiences along the way, the author explained.

The 125-page book is available at Amazon and traditional print format and as a Kindle eBook. The print edition is $6.99, while the Kindle edition is 99 cents.

Pullen grew up in Naugatuck and graduated from Naugatuck High School in 1995.