To the Editor

The Memorial Day parade has always been a much-anticipated annual event in the town of New Milford and the parade’s participants bring much enjoyment and pride to the citizens.

This year, for the first time, the New Milford Historical Society & Museum applied to the Veterans of Foreign Wars to participate in the parade as a way to help celebrate its 100th anniversary.

We cannot sufficiently thank the townspeople of New Milford and parade watchers all for their enthusiasm and receptiveness to our contingent as we marched.

The parade watchers apparently enjoyed our theme and the fact that we dressed up as suffragettes from 1915, wearing long black skirts with frilly white blouses, Edwardian-style hats and historically accurate sashes that read "Votes for Women."

We relished our opportunity to illuminate history and entertain parade watchers at the same time.

We loved seeing many a small child looking up to their excited mother and asking, "why?"

Our placards and shouts of "Give Women the Vote" and "We Risked Jail For You" probably sparked many dinner table conversations between parents and their little ones.

We wish to thank Jim Delancy, Herman Izzard and the VFW for organizing and sponsoring this iconic town event for so many years.

We also wish to express our appreciation for the local businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, who sponsored a gorgeous vintage car for us. The car enabled our first vice president and newly crowned "King of the New Milford Historical Society’s Centennial," Charles B. Barlow, to be part of the parade as he rode in high vintage style at the head of our contingent.

Finally, we would like to thank the quilters of the New Milford Senior Center for their beautiful handiwork - the long quilted banner carried by our president, Ted Hine, and secretary, Justin Krul, that both led our group in the parade and set just the right historical tone.

Our special thanks to Debbie Wilcox, the president and lead quilter of the New Milford Senior Center quilters, and Carolyn Haglund, the director of the Senior Center, both of whom responded to our request for a special banner with enthusiasm and generosity.

It is wonderful when two or any number of our town’s organizations can cooperate and support each other’s needs.

It is actions like this that make our town so remarkable and its people so special.

Nettie R. McKenna



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