To the Editor:

The Region 12 education budget's line item #512 provides funds -- $147,016 -- for private school transportation.

It is for private school students living in Region 12 towns attending private school in Region 12 towns.

The only private schools in the region are in Washington.

I would assume only Washington receives tax revenue from these schools.

An observation:

Some of our neighboring school districts do not have a budget line item equivalent to #512.

These districts include New Milford, Brookfield and Newtown, which also have private, magnet and parochial schools located in their districts.

They appear to avoid budget line item #512 by including these schools in their normal bus routes.

A suggestion:

Why can't we do what these other school districts do and save $147,000 each year?

A bus drop and pick up at The Gunnery, Rumsey Hall and Washington Montessori should be easy.

Ed Wainwright