Sherman Library will present a program, “Women’s Work in World War II: It Changed America Forever,” Aug. 18 at 2 p.m.

Local author John Cilio will lead the program at the Sherman Center library.

Ciio will discuss an era in history when men went off to war and the majority of women remained behind to care for families and to fill the enormous gaps left vacant by the soldiers.

They started with the mission to help their country and their friends and relatives in the war. They ended up proving their competence in thousands of roles previously performed by men only.

Women enlisted in every branch of service available to them and served around the globe bravely and proudly.

Cilio will highlight the chain of circumstances that propelled the nation to realize that women can be an overtly sustaining force within our society.

An historian, Cilio is the author of six history books including “Women’s Work in World War II.”

He has interviewed World War II veterans, both men and women, for over 20 years, capturing their stories, experiences and memories to share with others.

He has followed their exploits beyond the war years and shared their accomplishments in a number of national publications.

Cilio is an honorary member of the Connecticut Lost Squadron organization and a frequent speaker at events.

He has been featured in Connecticut Humanities Programs, Connecticut Magazine Blogs, and multiple national newspapers and often speaks on women’s work in World War II on the radio.

He is an American Marketing Association International Award winner and has spoken on a wide range of historical and marketing topics in over 60 countries.

For more information, email or call 860-354-2455.