Kent Memorial Library will present a health program, “What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease,” May 19 at 2 p.m.

Rika Keck, a nutrition and holistic health consultant with years of experience in multiple arenas, will lead the program at town hall on Kent Green Boulevard.

The program will address myths and complexities associated with these stealth infections that keep many individuals sick, even after a correct diagnosis, antibiotic and/or herbal treatment.

Keck will explore key points that most physicians do not address.

The program is for individuals dealing with an acute infection, or ongoing sickness post-treatment.

Keck is an author, holistic health and fitness expert, a Lyme disease advocate, guest blogger and public speaker.

Her specialties include Lyme disease and co-infections, mold sickness, chronic inflammatory illness, women’s wellness, digestive health and autoimmune diseases.

As a drug-free practitioner, her in-depth knowledge of Lyme disease and professional experience allows for healing opportunities that support antibiotic or alternative treatment for Lyme disease.

Since December 2016, Keck is a member of International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

As an author, she has published two books, “Nourish Heal Thrive: a Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Living with Lyme Disease” and the “Nourish Your Brain Cookbook.”

Keck will be open to questions and sign copies of her books.

For information and RSVP, call 860-927-3761.