Presentation on N.Y. power plant reveals concerns

To the Editor:

An overview of the future impact on local residents from air pollution emitted by The Cricket Valley Energy Center Center in Dover , N.Y., was presented at the Sherman Board of Selectmen meeting Jan. 25.

The presentation provided an opportunity for the packed house to learn more about this 1,100-megawatt power plant next door to Sherman.

Environmental advocates from New York came from an hour away, and together with a Sherman resident, they tried to help us understand the negative impact that Cricket Valley Power Plant will have on us if this huge facility comes to fruition in 2020.

The New York speakers noted that Gov. Cuomo is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for poisoning New York’s air, but is allowing pollution from New York’s Cricket Valley Power Plant to pollute Connecticut air.

They explained how the EPA’s standards for protecting clean air are inadequate to protect our health.

They also offered reasons why the power generated from CVEC was not needed to support New York’s power grid. In conclusion, they cited several reasons why it was important to stop CVEC.

A Sherman resident explained that his research of pollution from other power plants indicates higher mortality rates are downwind from power plants. Data is online.

So I see this would apply to Sherman, New Fairfield, Danbury, Kent, Brookfield, etc.

I find excellent information on the Facebook page #StopCricketValleyEnergy NY/CT.

I am looking forward to a Cricket Valley symposium in the upcoming month.

Susan Zeitler