To the editor:

On Nov. 4, voters of New Milford should elect Bill Riiska to the state Senate.

Bill is a lifelong resident of the region who has been active in a long stream of civic activities in northwest Connecticut.

He believes vocational schools and community colleges have received little support from the state government, and for too long towns in the 30th District have not received their fair share of educational funding.

Bill would fight for every dollar to enhance our rural school systems.

The number one issue in this election is bringing jobs to New Milford and the rest of the region. Bill knows that's impossible without a strong educational foundation in technical school programs.

Bill has a history of working across the aisle as a leader on planning and zoning boards, as well as being a board member of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce for 12 years.

Bill Riiska is a creative, analytical and independent thinker who has a proven ability to bring together people of all political stripes to get things done.

Send Bill to the state Senate.

Bob Coppola

New Milford