To the Editor:

The character of the candidates and the quality this lends to their campaigns have shown up in a couple of unexpected ways.

For those who haven't yet seen the video in which Linda McMahon extols the successful spread of her wrestling empire, her "business experience" credential, it is an eye opener.

Just don't watch it after you have eaten, unless you think seeing women stomped, stripped, smashed is entertainment and jolly good family fun.

For those with strong stomachs who want to give it a try, here is a link:

Given the nature of the McMahon business empire, perhaps it is not strange that what constitutes fair play and adult behavior seems to vary from Republican to Democrat in this state.

An indication of this is the fact the signs for Democratic candidates on the major roads in the Kent area have been stolen.

There are all the Republican names still arrayed along our main roads, while signs for Murphy, Esty and Obama/Biden have been made to vanish.

But I still trust the thoughtful voters of the state of Connecticut are not taken in by the kinds of actions money has been able to buy in this election.

There are significant issues at stake, and many of them affect women and the extent to which they are going to be allowed to control their own lives, they affect the education of our children, and they affect the health of all our citizens.

These are the values for which Elizabeth Esty and Chris Murphy have been working, while women were being stomped and stripped to build a wrestling empire.

Betty Krasne