To the Editor:

Robotics And Beyond, now in its 13th year, accomplished its most successful summer camp series ever and wishes to acknowledge the supporters of the program and share some details of the outcome.

Our mission in these camps, as well as our year-round programs, is to enable young people to discover and develop their talents in a wide range of topics in computer science, physics, math, game theory, design, graphic arts and engineering, and to promote interest in teaching these subjects.

We promote the western Connecticut region as being committed to supporting education and businesses in all areas of science, technology and design.

The following Connecticut organizations helped make the camp success possible:

MVP-SOS of New Milford for camper tuition assistance; Parker Medical Inc. of Bridgewater for instructional support in an advanced engineering project; UTC Aerospace Systems of Danbury for funding of equipment and tuition assistance; and ASML of Wilton for paid volunteer time of engineering staff.

We thank the New Milford public schools facilities and IT departments and the library, administrative and custodial staffs of New Milford High School for patiently accommodating our various needs.

We must also thank the dozens of student and adult mentors, without whom the camps would not be possible, as well as the many parents who provided transportation to our mentors each day.

The four weeks of camp achieved some impressive results:

Attendance from more than 30 towns within a 60-mile radius.

Record enrollment in both the full-day and our half-day junior camps by 168 individual campers, many for multiple weeks.

Nearly 5,400 hours of camper time spent discovering, learning and sharing ideas.

Thirty-five different topics offered.

Our first ever junior camp week dedicated to introducing basic concepts in computer programming.

Involvement by 30 peer mentors, aged 13 to 24, devoting more than 2,400 hours to share skills and knowledge.

More than 1,300 hours of volunteer time by adult and peer mentors and organizers.

The camp also brought revenue to the community in terms of substantial goods and services purchased locally for the program, as well as the retail business and exposure resulting from many parents and relatives visiting New Milford from across the region.

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Paul Chayka


Robotics And Beyond

New Milford