To the Editor:

I first met Pat Murphy when I moved to New Milford eight years ago.

It was during Village Fair Days, and Pat was running for her first term in office. Even at that first meeting, I was impressed by her commitment to the community.

Since then, that commitment and dedication to New Milford has benefited all of us in numerous ways.

Once again and in still difficult economic times, Mayor Murphy and her Republican team crafted a budget for the town's 2011 /2012 fiscal year that will move the town forward without wasting our tax dollars.

Due I believe to many wise decisions by Pat, the Town Council and the town's finance department, the town's bond rating had improved, resulting in a huge saving to taxpayers when we bonded our new sewer plant and ambulance facility.

And speaking of the new, upgraded sewer plant, how better to entice more businesses to move to New Milford than to have the ability to provide state-of-the-art sewer facilities.

The new ambulance barn is another example of our town leaders putting forward a building project at little cost to the taxpayer while giving the ambulance volunteers a modern headquarters.

After years of stagnation the new, safer Route 67/Grove Street intersection is now a reality.

In recent years, the town has been repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges. As I drive around town I see so many town projects happening, including getting Boardman Road and Grove Street repaved under the stimulus program.

When the newest shopping center in town was foundering, mired in state bureaucratic red tape, it was Pat Murphy who went to Hartford to coerce the State Traffic Commission to grant the necessary permit to get the project back on track.

These and many other wise financial decisions by Mayor Murphy have saved taxpayers large sums of money and prevented what could have been large tax increases and encouraged business growth.

Due to smart fiscal policies and forward thinking, New Milford residents are benefiting from having an improved bond rating, a strong surplus balance for emergencies, new modern infrastructure improvements and many businesses moving into town.

I can think of no better person to continue to lead the town in the coming two years than Mayor Pat Murphy.

Lois Chludzinski

New Milford