Praises 'new ideas' emerging in Bridgewater

To the Editor:

The town of Bridgewater has been in a lockbox for many decades, mired in lawsuits over land-use decisions, personal vendettas and the handling of the Burnham Fund.

All of these have come at great expense to taxpayers.

It is encouraging to read there is a growing trend of civil discourse leading to new ideas.

Several residents have some good ideas to help Bridgewater become vibrant.

Carolan Dwyer, a founder of Save Our Schools, said there are many empty homes in Bridgewater and the town needs families to move in to increase school enrollment.

Loy Wilkinson, a longtime resident, said the town should leave Region 12 and use nearby towns' schools which have excess capacity to save taxpayers' dollars.

Elliott Woolwich, a former planning and zoning chairman, said the town needs affordable housing so youth of the community can afford to stay and become town leaders of tomorrow.

So, resident John Carr's proposal to build a 100-unit housing development for Bridgewater's youth and seniors becomes an integral part of a larger plan.

Resident Peter May's idea to revitalize the village center by offering dining and drink is terrific.

All of these fine ideas would help save the historic Burnham School that presently has more windows than occupants and would help make the town more affordable for people to move in.

Bridgewater has been in a lockbox for too long. These ideas are the key that will open that lockbox.

Tom Morey

New Milford