To the Editor:

Imagine all the good that would ensue if, as a rule, government were to cultivate a cooperative rather than an antagonistic/adversarial relationship with both the religious sector and the business sector.

Case in point: I read with admiration in the Greater New Milford Spectrum about the joint effort among Faith Church, the mayor's office and Connecticut Light & Power to relocate victims of Hurricane Sandy to trailers on the Faith Church property.

CL&P will generously provide power to the trailers, gratis, and Faith Church is kindly allowing the victims to stay on their property free of charge, and has even given kind permission for the children of the victims to take classes at their school.

This is what happens when the artificial and destructive barrier between church and state is removed; it is called progress.

Kudos to everyone at Faith Church, Mayor Pat Murphy and CL & P.

I believe the Obama adminstration, which I feel has so relentlessly assaulted the Catholic Church and the business community, would do well to learn from the valuable lesson this noble example so amply demonstrates.

Daniel S. Mathews