To the Editor:

Is Wykeham to rise again? I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Washington Zoning Commission recently as they reviewed the latest plans for the much-needed development of the old Wykeham Rise School for Girls and Swiss Hospitality Institute site by young and local entrepreneur Matthew Klauer and his sister, Erika (see story in Jan. 11 Spectrum).

Much to my surprise, it seems like the Klauers and most of the neighbors around the abandoned and decaying site have agreed to move forward with its long-awaited development.

While it's been a long, costly haul for all parties involved, I think it's fair to say a large majority of Washingtonians welcome the increase in jobs and property tax revenue, as well as a wonderful addition to Washington's portfolio of inns, boarding and day schools and dining and retail establishments, coupled with its rural and retreat-like character.

Joseph A. Mustich