Praises YardApes as 'miracle workers'

To the Editor:

Dear YardApes Landscaping Day of Service team, it has been two weeks since you came to beautify our grounds, and the impact has been immediate and powerful.

On one day, April 20, our school was transformed into a place where old gardens were rediscovered, weeds met their match and disappeared, and glorious new plantings made our outside environment a place of pride and joy.

You are miracle workers.

The change has been noticed by our entire community. Parents, teachers, board members and children all comment on how wonderful the school looks.

On April 21, I brought the retired founder of our school, Barbara Hamlin, to see the gift your team gave us first hand.

Barbara always loved the grounds and paid special attention to the gardens. She strongly believes our children will benefit from being surrounded by beauty.

She was tremendously moved when she walked the premises and saw the return of her gardens with the new rhododendrons, spirea, boxwoods and azaleas. She thought transplanting the lilies to the path up from the parking lot was genius.

We are so grateful to the members of the YardApes team who gave your time, energy, kindness and expertise on knowing what to pull or keep.

Thank you so much for caring.

Our children not only learned what an enormous difference could be made when people work together, but they also experienced being around a group of people who are wonderful role models.

The lessons of that day for our children are deep and meaningful.

You have the gratitude of 97 children, 22 staff, 14 board members and 200 parents and caregivers.

Susan H. Johnston

Executive Director

Children's Center

New Milford