To the Editor:

YardApes Inc. of New Milford, we thank you for the full day's help at the New Milford Historical Society garden.

On April 22, your crew of hardworking men toiled tirelessly doing labor-intensive work needing "manpower" as part of the Garden Club's effort to restore the garden to its full glory.

They did an excellent job pruning, shaping and clipping overgrown hedges, moving large shrubs, redoing and repairing the steps and walkways, creating a patio, mulching and finally tidying up the garden.

For this, we are very appreciative.

With your many community commitments, we are grateful you were able to contribute to our efforts toward the restoration of the garden designed and planted by the Garden Club of New Milford in the 1970s.

Thank you so much.

Sally Milligan


Garden Club

of New Milford