To the Editor:

This is to thank and acknowledge Water Witch Hose Co. #2 and its wonderful volunteers.

Recently I was awoken at 6 a.m. or so by my CO alarm beeping. I thought the heating system was turned off, but there was no question about that insistent beep.

I checked the battery to see if it was telling me to replace it; the beeping continued with a new battery.

So I called 911 and within what seemed like five minutes three cars and five people arrived to help me.

Turned out to be a false alarm — the unit was old and had expired — but that might have been me.

The men and women were friendly and cheerful and not the least put out by so early a call and I learned a valuable lesson all should know: Check the date on your CO alarm; they last only five to seven years.

Gratitude, admiration and many thanks to Watch Witch Hose Company #2

And please note this is their annual appeal week.

Angela Dimmitt

New Milford