To the Editor:

I had the honor and privilege of hosting a party at my Nettleton Hollow home in Washington in order to share journalist Gale Khoury Toensing and her friend, activist Libor Koznar, a Central Connecticut State University graduate from the Czech Republic, with my friends.

They told their stories on why they are leaving for the Gaza ghetto on a flotilla with author Alice Walker, Holocaust survivor and grandmother Hedy Epstein, and many other Americans on a ship called the "Audacity of Hope."

My spouse, Ken Winkel Cornet, whose parents sent him to New York's Ethical Culture School after World War II , and I decided we will no longer play the role of the "Good German," who remained silent to the atrocities of their government during the 1930s and 1940s.

The "To Gaza, with Love" flotilla of 15 vessels, which is carrying love letters from all around the world, will try to break the Israeli-Jewish blockade of the Gaza ghetto.

We wish Gale and Libor well for doing God's work.

Upon their return we plan to have an even bigger party at our home, Red Studio Farm.

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Joseph A. Mustich