Praises New Milford's first responders

To the Editor:

I was at the Hess station on Route 7 in New Milford finishing a gas fill-up midday on Aug. 5.

I happened to look up at the moment a black sedan was struck broadside on the driver’s side by a white SUV in front of the Hess station. WHOOOOMP ... it was the proverbial “T-bone” crash.

It was an eerie sound and forceful hit. No skid. Blunt-force trauma sustained by both drivers, the only occupants in each vehicle.

I ran toward the black sedan to see the driver unconscious. There was a volunteer firefighter and an EMT on the scene immediately, as both were “just passing.”

They performed scene assessment and began medical support to both drivers. The volunteer firefighter called 911.

I immediately assisted with south-bound traffic management until I was relieved by the New Milford fire police.

Within minutes, sirens blaring in the distance, police, fire and EMS help was on the way. The response was impressive.

For the first time in my memory, I was witness to watch in awe as a traffic accident happened, and then observe the incredible efforts of the New Milford first responders — police, fire and EMS.

All were efficient and impressive in their respective tasks.

Kudos to our New Milford first responders. Thank you for your preparedness and what you do for all of us in the community.

Lawrence M.


New Milford