To the Editor:

On behalf of New Milford Social Services staff, I would like to thank the greater New Milford community for its tremendous generosity.

Through our combined efforts, about 300 households were provided a lovely Thanksgiving feast; 250 children participated in the Sibling Shopping Spree, selecting gifts for their brothers and sisters; 570 children received gifts through the Santa Fund and Social Services Gift Room, and 75 disabled adults received gift cards.

The Food Bank larder is nearly full (for now) and our emergency funds have received a much needed boost.

I am looking at a list of more than 150 individuals and groups that helped to make this happen.

In addition, a tribe of volunteers spent many hours decorating, organizing, calling, hauling, wrapping and so forth to help us pull this holiday feat off.

Whether you lent your support at a food drive, sponsored a family for the Santa Fund, wrapped toys at Sibling Shopping or any number of other things, we are ever so grateful.

These donations and offerings of time and talents made a world of difference to many members of our community.

Bravo, and Happy New Year!

Peg Molina


Social Services

New Milford