To the Editor:

There are thousands of jobs open in Connecticut, but our students are not always qualified to get them.

A garage in northwest Connecticut was not able to get a young automobile mechanic who would be able to work the computer. Without enough computer competence these days, it is impossible to work on cars.

Some large companies in southern Connecticut have been importing computer technicians from India. Now UConn has enlarged its campus in Hartford to offer training in science, math and technology to help students prepare for these jobs.

That is why David Lawson feels so strongly, if elected as our state senator for the 30th District, he would push for more support for community colleges and technical and vocational schools to train our students for the jobs now available.

David was a teacher, and when he was on the New Milford Board of Education, they approved full-day kindergarten for all children.

That gives a chance to strengthen all children’s basic learning skills before starting the school experience.

As a father of two children, David also feels he wants to strengthen the security in our schools to be sure the children are safe.

David Lawson’s strong support for education is why I feel he would be a wonderful state senator in the 30th District.

Liz Piel