To the Editor:

Many thanks and congratulations to the Kent Center School Wellness Committee following the culmination of its tremendously successful Kids' Marathon Program at the Kent Pumpkin Run.

This fall, for the first time, children at the school were challenged to complete a marathon by running or walking a mile before school each day during September and October, with the final mile completed at the Pumpkin Run.

Kids from all grades easily grasped this fun concept and -- what else? -- ran with it.

The program was driven by Ane Starr's idea and vision.

And it could not have happened without the dedication of so many teachers who volunteered their time day after day to record attendance, set out the lap cones, doled out popsicle sticks for counting laps, took photographs, and got everyone safely into the school building, while providing encouragement, smiles, hugs and Friday's healthy snacks.

What a wonderful gift.

An impressive crowd of more than 30 children and a good number of parents, too, came out to the field in the early morning sunshine to run, hop, jump, laugh and play tag.

We will miss these pre-class jaunts.

Thanks so much, KCS community, for all you do to make Kent a great place to live.

Connie Manes