To the Editor:

I encourage every reader to vote Nov. 6 and to choose my friend, Andy Grossman, as New Milford's next state representative.

Andy would bring his bright mind, energetic personality and business experience to the Capitol. And the winners will be all of us -- the citizens of New Milford.

Andy may be the brightest candidate to ever run for state representative from New Milford.

He graduated from Cornell University and earned a masters degree from Northwestern University.

In his extensive journalism career, Andy has observed the best and worst of government and will work to ensure Connecticut has efficient and effective policies.

Andy has successfully launched his own editorial services company. He understands the needs of small businesses and will work to create a positive business climate in our state.

As a member of the town's Economic Development Commission, Andy already has experience in that area.

Andy is engaging, tireless and does not shy away from a challenge.His energy would put New Milford on the map at the Capitol, where he'll eagerly take on local projects needing state funding and assistance.

Get to know this hard-working, entrepreneurial leader at his website,

Jeff Winter

New Milford