To the Editor:

I was happy to read the article in last week's Spectrum about the town of New Milford's financial management practices.

The article said, in part:

"New Milford's Town Council received a report in superlatives last week on the town's credit overview and debt analysis.

Barry Barnabe, vice president of Webster Bank, gave the town A-pluses on its financial management practices and debt management."

Cecilia Buck-Taylor is serving her second term as a member of the Town Council that created those financial management practices under the guidance of Mayor Pat Murphy.

Cecilia is the vice chairwoman of the Town Council, having been unanimously elected to that position by both the Democratic and Republican members of the Town Council.

I want Cecilia to bring her leadership and financial management practices that have served New Milford so well to the state level as our representative.

I want Cecilia's can-do attitude working for me in Hartford. I want Cecilia's financial management practices, proven successful here in New Milford in her own businesses, brought to the state.

I want Cecilia Buck-Taylor to be my state representative in Hartford.

Tom Morey

New Milford