To the Editor:

As chairwoman of the Board of Finance in New Milford, I know how important it is that we effectively and responsibly manage our budget.

Over the last few years, I have watched as our Democratic governor and Democratic legislature raise our taxes with promises of fiscal responsibility.

All that ever happens is that our taxes go up, our state government is less responsive and no one in Hartford apparently cares about the effect ever-increasing taxes have on the middle class and small business owners.

There are a lot of problems that need attention but there is a limit as to what our government can afford to do.

That is why I am supporting Cecilia Buck-Taylor for state representative. She brings a direct, no-nonsense approach that will be a breath of fresh air in Hartford.

She is not looking to be a career politician, only someone who recognizes we cannot continue on the current path without dire consequences and is willing to do something about it.

Things have to change in Hartford and Cecilia is just the person to do it.

Joanne Chapin


Board of Finance

New Milford