To the Editor:

As a lifetime resident, I would like to thank Mayor Pete Bass and the Town Council for their professionalism during Town Council meetings.

I attended the first Town Council meeting of the new administration and asked for them to return civility during our town meetings.

I was very upset about how the meetings were so divisive in the past administration.

The anger among our residents was very upsetting to me. I had actually considered moving away. It had lost its hometown feeling for me.

Keeping civility is paramount when we are trying to attract new businesses and residents to our town.

I am proud of my town and I want to see New Milford move forward.

I feel the tone of our town has changed once again for the better and it is feeling like the town I grew up in.

I believe Mayor Bass truly loves this town as much as I do and I highly endorse his re-election.

Patricia Erickson

New Milford