Tempers could flare on the Schaghticoke Reservation in Kent over a Green Energy Pow Wow announced to take place there this weekend.

The pow wow is posted on the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe website and tickets have been sold for the two-day event of camping, concerts, native drumming and storytelling to take place Saturday and Sunday.

Yet Richard Velky, chief of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, whose members say they are true Schaghticokes while the SIT members are "wanna bees," has vowed to stop the event from happening.

Mr. Velky said the pow wow this weekend will draw a crowd of "undesirable young people" who will make trouble on the reservation. He declined to say what actions he is taking to stop the event, but said he is "not sitting idly by" and has steps underway.

Schaghticoke Indian Tribe vice-chairman Gail Harrison-Donovan said Monday the pow wow will "benefit the whole tribe" and most members of the tribe are "behind it."

"We've invited Richard Velky and our past chairman Alan Russell to attend, but both declined," Ms. Harrison-Donovan said.

-- Susan Tuz