To the Editor:

Some say the library is obsolete. This statement is demonstrably untrue (and makes me cry).

Here are a few stats (yearly averages): more than 150,000 library visits (that’s 13,000 per month). Well over 115,000 log-ins to In-library desktop usage is about 17,000 times. Over 12,000 people attend library-sponsored programs.

Those are the numbers.

Now for the heartfelt appeal.

Not only is the library not being replaced by technology, it actually embraces and encourages digital literacy through online programs, computer classes, and social media awareness workshops.

Online resources are accessible from your home and work computers, laptops, and mobile devices. You can learn a language, get help with your résumé, research your ancestry, download an ebook or audiobook, watch a movie, gain access to job and career services, and gather information for research projects or just for curiosity’s own sake.

My fingers would be bloody stumps if I tried to include all of the library’s online services here.

In the library itself - in addition to peace, quiet, and books - there are magazines, newspapers, music CDs and DVDs.

There is free access to library computers because, seriously, not everybody has one (or perhaps yours has crashed and you need computer/internet access for a bit of time).

Print from your laptop or mobile device. Receive one-on-one tech help; I highly recommended this for seniors who have a tablet or phone they don’t know how to use and they don’t want to “bother” family members (who may have little time and minimal patience) for instruction.

Also of note, the general knowledge and specialty expertise of this library staff.

I understand that you yourself may not be a “library person,” but please consider the community’s need for this renovation/expansion so that New Milford can continue to flourish in its well-being and prosperity.

Please vote “yes” on the library referendum Nov. 6.

Wendy Gail Weitz

New Milford