Repair work has been done on schedule at the three Region 12 elementary schools in Bridgewater, Roxbury and Washington.

Painters and masons have been working at all three schools, with cleanup planned by Tuesday when classes started.

"Some minor work will continue after 3:30 p.m. weekdays, but not much," said Board of Education Building Committee chairman Tony Bedini. "Window replacements has been scheduled for next year because of delivery schedules being so late with the late start we got."

The repairs to Washington Primary School, Booth Free School in Roxbury and Burnham School in Bridgewater was funded by a $2.3 million bond package approved by voters in May.

The repairs are part of a lease agreement entered into by the school district and the three towns.

Demolition of the playgrounds at Burnham and Booth Free schools was being completed last week. The facilities were found to have had high levels of arsenic due to deterioration and were condemned in June by the Board of Education.

"We are very excited to be this close to having new playscapes at both schools," said Carolan Dwyer, chairman of the Burnham PTO. "The community support from parents and businesses has been tremendous. We are near our goal of raising half the replacement cost for Burnham."

Estimated costs of playscape replacement is $65,000 for Bridgewater and $60,000 in Roxbury.

The education board will vote soon about possibly paying half the cost. PTOs in both towns have been fundraising for the project.

Both Mrs. Dwyer and Stacey Kennedy, Booth Free PTO's Playground Committee chairman, praised Mr. Bedini for his oversight of the playscape project.

They also lauded Brendan Southard of Bridgewater and Frank Lasky of Roxbury, who donated their time and equipment to demolishing the contaminated playgrounds.

"I believe the Board of Education getting involved was the right thing to do," Mrs. Kennedy said. "With the new leases, it's now in black and white that the board is responsible for the upkeep of the playgrounds at the three schools."

"I have a very good feeling that new playscapes will be up by the end of fall," she added.