The New Milford Pizza Station is up and running, offering delivery and takeout services.

The new business owned by Dino Kolitsas celebrated its grand opening with an Oct. 4 ribbon-cutting ceremony with nearly two dozen guests.

Oven-fresh pizzas were served to those present, including New Milford Mayor Pete Bass, State Representative Bill Buckbee, members of the business community and local residents.

Local Realtor Gary Passineau described the pizza he tried as “delicious.”

More recently, other agents in his office ordered pizza and found it enjoyable.

“We were very pleased with the flavor,” Passineau said. “The other agents in the office were most impressed with the large variety of different flavors (toppings) available.”

New Milford Pizza Station is located in the space that formerly housed Holiday Restaurant — most recently operated by Georgia Kapetanopoulos and her sister, Helen Dafilis — in Veterans Plaza on Route 7 since 1961.

The restaurant’s large dining room is being transformed into Kolitsas’ other soon-to-open restaurant, Greca Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar (see story in a future edition of The Spectrum).

Before that opens, though, the owner said he wants to be sure everything with the Pizza Station is “perfect.”

To honor Holiday and pay “respect to the thousands of people who have been coming here for all those years,” Kolitsas slowly transitioned the menu into his own, while preserving some of the Holiday recipes.

“By the time (customers) noticed, they liked (the food),” said Kolitsas, who has years of experience in all facets of the restaurant industry.

Local Attorney Katherine Webster-O’Keefe attended the opening and praised the pizza. She tried a slice of pizza with Brussel sprouts — something she ordinarily wouldn’t have ordered for herself — and found it “delicious.”

“I think that the chef is very talented and has a knack of putting together surprisingly creative and innovative combinations,” O’Keefe said. “I would definitely go back”

The Pizza Station menu, created by Kolitsas, officially rolled out Sept. 26 — with Executive Chef Mark Anthony Suarez at the helm — and features numerous specialty pizzas, which will continue to expand due to popularity.

In addition, entrees such as eggplant and chicken Parmesan dishes and spaghetti, are among the fare, as well as burgers, wraps and grinders, salads and Greek dips. Catering is available, too.

Kolitsas said he hopes customers will “embrace” his food, and so far, feedback has been “phenomenal.”

“People are coming back with smiles,” he said.

He’s tweaked some sauces and kept the recipe for a few Holiday favorites, including the sliced meatball grinder and eggplant parm.

The Pizza Station kept the style of the pizza long admired by the community. It’s a New England style pan pizza, often referred to as Greek pizza.

“I’m proud of our crust,” the owner said. “It’s wonderfully crisp but has a doughy edge.”

Resident Gary Scribner, who was a longtime Holiday customer and visits the Pizza Station at least twice a week, said he is impressed with the crust, style and flavor of the pizza. “It didn’t change much.”

Kolitsas is keen to customer needs, in particular food sensitivities and allergies. His daughter has sensitivities to dairy, nuts, soy, gluten and certain veggies.

To that end, Kolitsas serves a gluten-free crust and numerous vegan options, has removed soy from the kitchen and incorporates local products as often as possible, depending on the season.

A familiar face to many in the community is Jose Velasquez — who worked for 13 years at the former Dimitri’s in town and then for 18 years at Holiday — who remains on staff at the Pizza Station.

“He’s embraced everything,” Kolitsas said. “Without him I couldn’t make the changes I’ve made.”

Owning the New Milford Pizza Station and the soon-to-open Greca is satisfying, Kolitsas said.

“I love being around people, the creativity and the business side,” he summed up.

Scribner praised Kolitsas for his customer service.

“Dino is a great guy,” Scribner said. “He’s got a great personality.”

“And he greets me by name,” he said. “It’s the first time in all the years I’ve gotten pizza in that location I’m called by name.”

For more information, call the New Milford Pizza Station - located at 1 South Kent Road, Unit 6, in Veterans Plaza - at 860-354-9393 or visit Online ordering is available.