To the Editor:

The apparent disconnect between the Region 12 educational establishment and the taxpayers continues with another referendum looking for more money to pour into a school system that is unsustainable.

The rapidly declining school population and the resultant rise in per pupil costs is the major problem and needs to be addressed prior to spending millions of dollars repairing buildings that will not be needed.

If you don't want to believe Dr. Peter M. Prowda's excellent report on Region 12 public schools' enrollment projection, then look at what is happening nationally since 2007.

The fertility rate is now 1.86, lowest in 27 years, down from the balanced replacement rate of 2.1 in 2007.

That means more deaths (taxpayers) than births.

The dropoff is mostly with younger women, which could be linked to the lack of meaningful jobs that are necessary for family formation.

These are challenging times that require rational thinking to find a sustainable path that will allow us to move forward.

Vote "no" on the June 17 Region 12 referendum and talk to your selectmen to form a group outside of the educational establishment to work toward a proposed solution.

Bill Macgeorge