Pays tribute to museum's departed volunteers

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read The Spectrum's article, "Historical society looks to its future."

Four executive officers resigned, plus two trustees. Could there be more to this story than the article reveals?

There were many, many years of service and experience suddenly eliminated from an outstanding village institution and no one is questioning why?

I have personally enjoyed the ongoing educational and craft programs, tag sales and art show. Every year, I look forward to the Christmas shop and wine tasting that this group has sponsored over the years.

Most important, they have protected, nurtured and expanded the interest to preserve the history of this very historic town.

I feel we all should give our thanks and appreciation to Joanne Lillis, Susan Metcalf, Mark Malkin and Diane Dubrieul for a job well done.

We will miss you.

Eileen Hickey

New Milford