Paul's Custom Pet Food launches subscription service

Even a company with its roots grounded in organic principles such as locally sourced natural foods and handmade products needs to keep up with technology in the modern world of business.

Paul’s Custom Pet Food, a New Milford-based company founded in 2014 by Paul Gallant and Lynn Felici-Galant, has added a subscription service to its revamped website to appeal to a broader range of customers.

“We enjoy the technology,” Felici-Gallant said. “We have customers of all ages and a lot of the younger customers we have like to do things online. We have a really loyal customer base and we still have people who email or text us directly, which is great because we want to keep that personal touch, but we also want to be as convenient as possible for everyone.”

“We know people lead busy lives,” Gallant added. “As long as the dogs still come running when I deliver, I can live with the new technology.”

Felici-Gallant said subscribing customers also save money.

Paul’s Custom Pet Food is made with locally sourced meats and vegetables from farms in Sherman, Roxbury and nearby New York state. The company also works with veterinarians and pet nutritionists to customize food for pets with special dietary needs.

The pet food is made at a commercial kitchen in New Milford. Felici-Galant said they are looking to expand and open their own commercial kitchen in New Milford. The space would include a retail component where customers can purchase pet food.

Paul’s Custom Pet Food is available on its website — — as well as Barkery Boo’tique in New Milford, Fleishers Craft Butchery in Westport and the various farmers markets the owners attend.

The company also offers free delivery throughout Fairfield, Litchfield and Westchester counties, and New York City.

“We really concentrate on direct-to-customer sales because there’s a big educational component to what we do,” Felici-Gallant said “We’ll stick with this model for the foreseeable future. We want to grow slowly and consistently and we want the food to say consistent. We want to control the quality.”

Felici-Gallant said the product is sold at Barkery Boo’tique because store owner Debbie Bauman understands the mission behind the food.

“She knows what we are doing and can educate the consumer as well as we can,” she said.

Gallant and Felici-Gallant started the company after Hunter, their golden retriever, was diagnosed with cancer and they said they discovered the healing power of fresh food and herbal medicine. Hunter was diagnosed when he was three and given six months to live. He is now pushing 12 and Felici-Gallant said he “still thinks he’s a puppy.”

The company has added three part-time employees since launching the company in 2014.

“We started the company because we couldn’t find anything comparable to what we make for Hunter in the commercial pet food market,” Gallant said. “Sure, there are now a handful of fresh pet food companies throughout the country, but none we know of that source and prepare food just as a farm-to-table chef does.”

Felici-Galant added: “We’ve spent the past four years developing relationships with farmers, local merchants, veterinarians and animal nutritionists so we can tell people exactly what they are feeding their dog or cat, how it’s made, and the reasons it is healthful and beneficial. We’re totally transparent, as all pet food makers should be.”

In addition to opening their kitchen and retail space, Felici-Gallant said the company is working on launching a line a natural cat food. Paul’s Custom Pet Food makes food for cats only as custom orders.

“We’re a pretty unique brand and committed to having every dog and cat be healthy and living a great life,” Felici-Gallant said.

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