Dear Spectrum:

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary!

It is hard to believe it has only been 15 years that you have been delivering weekly to our doorsteps.

A good newspaper reflects the community that they serve.

Just check the index on the front page of your local Greater New Milford Spectrum.

Tucked in amongst the news you'll find birthdays, anniversaries, calendar of events, classifieds, legals, crossword puzzle, editorial, family, Flashback, Home Front, Leisure Time, letters, obituaries, Parks and Recreation, police news, schools, Spectrum Images and, finally, the sports.

We pick up The Spectrum to see what is happening in our world.

Did our teams win or lose? What is the weather forecast? Are there any tag sales, wine tastings, or parties? Did you see what's new in the schools?

We follow local and national government happenings.

Do you need to purchase or sell something? Maybe get a new job? Check out the classifieds. Celebrations of weddings, promotions and births, and, in the end, remembrances of those we have lost.

We must not forget the importance of our local newspaper in recording and preserving our history. The newspaper is a permanent record of all that happens to our residents and neighboring communities.

It should be the mission of a good newspaper to report the news with a clear voice that isn't burdened by bias. Reporters and editors feel the full weight of trust that the community puts upon them.

It is under this burden of trust that a good newspaper proves its mission.

Your free local newspaper has supplied our community with local and national headlines. The Spectrum is here to give information to our residents in the hopes they will make their own decision and offer their viewpoints.

Some days the news is met with sadness, some days we celebrate, and some days it inspires us to volunteer or take action; however the news may come, every Friday, The Spectrum is there to show us what the week has brought and will bring.

With warm regards, thank you for being part of our community.

Pat Murphy


Town of New Milford